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Fearless Illustration FridayThe way the little bunny nonchalantly chewed on the grass and appeared so fearless infuriated the tiger so much. Little did he know that inside his chest, the bunny’s heart was exploding with terror!


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Cocoon Illustration FridayEvery year the chocolatey blossom of the Kinder tree slowly opens to reveal the golden yellow cocoon that lies within. And what lies within the golden yellow cocoon? A toy, of course!
I’m not sure where else you can buy Kinder eggs, but this is what I thought of when the topic of Cocoon came up. I knew my illustration would have to have some kind of ‘nature’ element to it, but I think I found a cunning way to include chocolate aswell! It gave me an excuse to buy a couple of Kinder eggs too!
Do you have Kinder eggs where you are? How many times can I say Kinder eggs in one post?

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