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I really like the way patterns appear when you’re travelling around the country and something that adds to that are the pylons that criss cross the fields and hills. The pylons have an intricate pattern of their own and the birds that rest on the cables between also seem to make a pattern or sequence as you drive past.
I was going to ‘go digital’ with this one, but decided to resort to the old paint brush and pens again!


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InfiniteThe park seems to hold an infinite amount of food for the squirrels at this time of year. Fingers crossed they’ll remember where they buried it all when they get peckish later!
We’re lucky to have a squirrel visit our garden most years because we have a tree that grows things they like to eat (I’m not sure what kind of tree it is!). Sometimes it seems that they do forget where they bury some of the nuts, though, as we had a few little saplings come up in the lawn last spring!

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Welcome“The bed was made, the tea was on the table and all that was left for the little Bluetit to do was wait to welcome his mate home”. 

Usually every year we get a family of Bluetits nesting in the little bird box by our back door and it’s great to watch them flitting backwards and forwards with twigs and food, but this year we didn’t have any. Maybe I should put some bunting around the bird box next year to welcome a new family in!

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StrongWhen I thought of the topic of ‘strong’ a few things came to mind, but I couldn’t shake the idea of a strong smelling cheese.
I like to think you might find this one lurking in the back of the fridge after returning from a fortnights holiday! Maybe with a nice cream cracker and a bit of jam it’d still go down a treat. What do you reckon? Anyone for cheese?

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