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“As Mrs Orpington-Smythe poured her afternoon tea she happened to chance a glance at her gardeners rippling muscles glistening in the mid June sunshine and she soon found it wasn’t long before her mind started drifting…”

Not the kind of story I’d read, but I’m aware that they exist! Had some trouble with getting the colours right when scanning this one, but this seems to be the closest I can get (although the pink gingham table cloth has been lost slightly!).


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I thought I’d steer clear of flu-like diseases as a theme at the moment and instead thought about the lyrics of one of my favourite songs, which includes the line ‘love is contagious’.

I liked to think of love as the contagious thing, rather than think of some horrible disease!

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Started thinking about how humans adapt (or how we make other things adapt to suit us) and then got on to the topic of plastic surgery.
May be a ‘sore’ subject for some – I just know I’d be too much of a wimp to start having things sucked out or chipped off my face!

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